For 37 years, Eagle Forum has hosted an annual conference, Eagle Council, to train conservative leaders from across the country how to lobby. While planning for its 38th Eagle Council, it became clear that this year Eagle Forum should spread it’s wings further than its own membership and join with other conservative, pro-family groups to host its annual conference and teach conservatives “How to Take Back America.” Together, Janet Folger Porter, president and founder of Faith2Action, and I have joined together with a consortium of conservative organizations to host a top-rate, momentum building, leadership conference that will teach the grassroots how to use the internet and how to connect after the conference using new technologies like “Webinar,” as well as equip them with talking points on battle-front issues and record every workshop to distribute online after the conference

Tell us which workshops you like

Here’s your chance to influence what kind of workshops we’ll offer at the “How to Take Back America” conference. Go to the “Workshops” tab and check the sessions you’re most interested in attending.

Featuring Gov. Mike Huckabee and Cong. McClintock on Saturday night! 
We excited to announce that on Saturday night we’ll hear from former Governor Mike Huckabee, who will flight directly from New York City after the taping of his show to be with us, and Cong. McClintock from California. This will be one night you won’t want to miss!