Common Misconceptions about Divorce & Family Law

Interviewer: What are some of the top misconceptions that people have about divorces or just family law in general?

Divorce in the 21st Century: Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Acrimonious and Child Custody Is Not Solely Awarded to the Mother

Miley Law Firm: The first misconception about divorce is that one of them has to be very bitter and that the endeavor has to be very expensive. Another one is that the mother always gets custody. I think that situation is changing a lot in the last few years. A lot of judges now look at the situation and say, “Why shouldn’t it be joint custody?”

Prenuptial Agreements No Longer Have a Negative Connotation

That’s the starting point with some judges now. I think with prenuptial agreements, a big misconception is that it’s a negative in starting a marriage.

In many cases, you could be talking about second marriages for both parties and they each have their own assets. They each have children from their first marriage and they just want everything to be safe and protected and that gives everybody peace of mind. No one is offended or bothered by it and it goes very smooth.

That’s probably the majority of prenuptial agreement situations. Certainly, there are, again, all kinds of situations that can come up in family law. But I think one of the misconceptions is that there’s always one side that’s unhappy about a prenuptial agreement. That’s not always the case.

Interviewer: What is the best way to go about bringing that up and in what ways would that benefit the other party?

Prenuptial Agreements Can Protect Inheritances or Other Family Assets and Are Common in Second Marriages

Miley Law FirmEvery situation is different and everybody’s reason for wanting one is different.

Sometimes, people might stand to inherit money in the future and the pressure is coming from their parents or their family to make sure that this inheritance stays in the family and is protected. It’s not casting dispersions on one party. It’s trying to make sure that some family members don’t make any bad decisions that cause the family their hard-earned money.

Other times, there could be a family business that’s involved. The family wants to make sure that if somebody gets a divorce that it doesn’t affect the other family member’s business interests. In those kinds of situations, it’s pretty easy to bring it up and say, “My family wants to make sure that nothing that ever happens between us affects them and can you understand that?”

Other times, it has to do with protecting their children or the fact that maybe they had a bad prior experience and they’re worried about it. What I found is that if most people just bring up their honest concerns that the person that they’re going to marry usually understands.

The fiancé isn’t too interested in trying to take their pre-existing property away from them. It is important, though, that you create an agreement that is fair to everybody. If you do, then usually the process isn’t too difficult.


Finding Psychology Little Steps Northern Beaches

Finding A Great Local Psychologist On The Northern Beaches


If you are going through a hard time you may want to find a psychologist for help. Mental health disorders are a serious problem with new government assistance announced with an increase of 10 sessions per year to 42 sessions per year it has now become more affordable to see a psychologist regularly. Little Steps Psychology is a practice on the Northern Beaches Sydney that is dedicated to helping those in need.

Treating a wide range of issues from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, phobias, marriage counseling, child mental health help. Little Steps is an all-around place you can whatever your problem may be. The psychologist at Little Steps are highly trained and fun. Their approach is based of Carl Rogers and they practice psychology with a human touch. You will not feel as though you are being dictated to but rather the psychologist is in your corner and there to help guide you to the answers to your problems.

Little Steps Anxiety Help

If you are suffering from anxiety Little Steps is the go-to place on the Northern Beaches For You!  From the moment you make your first appointment, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. With highly skilled staff it is their job to help you relax. All psychologists at Little Steps have had a high level of training in helping those with anxiety disorders. On the Northern Beaches is it estimated that 1 in four people every year will suffer from an anxiety disorder that will require either medication or intervention from a psychologist.

If you’re on the Northern Beaches and suffering give Little Steps Psychology a call

What Makes Little Steps Psychology Different

Little Steps Psychology prides itself on being different. With a warm friendly approach to counseling and a none blame point of view. From the moment you walk into the clinic, you will feel at ease and feel that you belong. It is not unusual to be thrilled with the therapy you will receive. Our psychologists are all clinical psychologists with a masters degree in psychology. Meaning they have up to an extra 5 years training than regular psychologists. The extra training allows for a higher Medicare rebate and allows you peace of mind that you have a therapist that knows what they are doing.

THE COMPANY – French Stream

Director : Robert Altman
Cast : Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco, The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago
Resource: French Stream
Based on an idea from one timer dancer Neve Campbell and script by Pollock’s Barbara Turner, Altman’s latest offering takes a peek behind the scenes at the world of dance while still paying homage to the performance.
Actors mingle with real members of The Joffrey Ballet to provide you with a visual treat of spellbinding dance sequences. Campbell, a trained dancer herself, holds her own while performing with the company but as a supposed upcoming talent and center piece of the ensemble, the standard of her moves fails to entirely convince.

Altman clearly fell in love with Joffrey because a large chunk of the film is taken up with their repertoire. That said, you don’t have to be a dance fan to appreciate the on stage displays and a scene involving an al fresco performance during a thunder storm is one of the film’s high points. But you can’t help feeling that Altman is not up to his usual standard when depicting the off stage dynamics. There is the contrast between on stage glamour and the real life aches, pains, injuries and battling to make ends meet but we fail to get a real sense of the company as a whole. Campbell offers a glimpse at the determination and sacrifice of the professional dancer but her role leaves you more than a little uninspired. And instead of engaging with the players you end up somewhat disinterested.
Malcolm McDowell does a wonderful over the top turn as the company’s artistic director, a role allegedly based on the real man himself. His interaction with the company and foibles provide some of the film’s well-needed comic turns and you end up wishing he was in every scene. While James Franco as Campbell’s love interest brings to mind River Phoenix, a comparison that can only bode well for his future.
With top-notch dance sequences but dialogue and observation that fails to hit the mark, this is one for fans of dance rather than Altman.

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  • Each roofer on their construction team goes through yearly training. They are committed to keeping up with industry standards so that they can offer the best to their clients.
  • Roofers at Infinity roofing have worked hard to earn accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.
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  • The management at Infinity Roofing does what it takes to make sure that their crews have safe working conditions. In return, the construction professionals work quickly and well.

Infinity Home Improvement is so much more than a roofing company. They are a full service home improvement company that

  • Infinity Roofing’s comprehensive range of services allows greater flexibility for their clients. Instead of having to hire a different company to complete each portion of a job, homeowners can work with one firm that is able to organize the entire process.
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  • Their broad spectrum of services never diminishes the quality of their projects. Roofing professionals at Infinity Home Improvement have just as much, if not more, knowledge on the subject than other firms that service roofs exclusively.
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For 37 years, Eagle Forum has hosted an annual conference, Eagle Council, to train conservative leaders from across the country how to lobby. While planning for its 38th Eagle Council, it became clear that this year Eagle Forum should spread it’s wings further than its own membership and join with other conservative, pro-family groups to host its annual conference and teach conservatives “How to Take Back America.” Together, Janet Folger Porter, president and founder of Faith2Action, and I have joined together with a consortium of conservative organizations to host a top-rate, momentum building, leadership conference that will teach the grassroots how to use the internet and how to connect after the conference using new technologies like “Webinar,” as well as equip them with talking points on battle-front issues and record every workshop to distribute online after the conference

Good AC Repair Charlotte NC

Air conditioners are sturdy things that can last 10 – 15 years, depending on brand, model, and most importantly, how you treat it. We cannot do without air conditioning, when the temperature soars sky high. But, there are 5 things, if you do them, you would cut a strong air conditioning unit’s life span pretty short; say by 6 – 7 years.

As we know that air conditioners are usually expensive, we take it as an investment to ensure a comfortable and cool indoor living space. So, here are 5 things you should know that can make your air conditioner inefficient:


Poor maintenance
We tend to take care of every investment we make, why not the same for your air conditioner? Getting a highly reliable and expert technician to have it checked at least once in a year is a must. This helps the air conditioning unit to perform efficiently, as well as prolongs its life.

When you hire these professionals, they do schedule maintenance work twice in a year, one each at the start of summer and winter months. They clean the air conditioning system and check for any issues that may arise in the future, as well as do repair works where needed.

So, when you do the math, two visits a year from the specialized technician to service the AC unit is significantly lower, than having to buy and install a brand new air conditioner!

Ignoring dirty filters
Most air conditioner manufacturers and expert HVAC technicians recommend that you change air filters at least 4 times a year. If you ignore the dirty filters, your air conditioner will operate in an inefficient manner.

Airflow inside the unit will not be smooth or easy. It will be much difficult for air to reach evaporator coil resulting in a decreased amount of cool air. This also means that the compressor will have to work much harder, which will make it heat up real fast.

Dirty air filters make the unit work harder and use more energy (not good for your pocket).

More info: AC Repair Charlotte NC