A Fibreglass Blanket For the Energy Conscious

Ceramic Fibre Backpack is an eco-friendly high-density insulation material, generally used in the glass, concrete and metal processing industries. It is made of tightly rolled high quality spun ceramic fibres, that are needled into a fine firm pile. The Fibreglass Packaging Act of 2020 requires fibreglass packaging for all goods made from fibreglass and specified by the government as being suitable for packaging in fibreglass. This blanket is made specifically for this use and has been proven to reduce energy costs by 50% during industrial applications such as packaging.

How to ridgidize ceramic fiber blanket

Fibreglass is created from recycled plastic bottles and other products that have been manufactured with polystyrene resin, as well as a wide range of other plastics that are commonly produced using high volume production methods. During the manufacturing process, the polystyrene resin expands to over 500 times its original size, creating a material that is strong, durable, lightweight and extremely resistant to heat. It is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials available and is suitable for industrial and commercial use.

The fibreglass backpack is produced in a controlled environment to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping. A wide range of different colours and styles are available, and the blanket can be tailored to match the specific requirements of the client. The blanket is manufactured at high volumes, requiring a large amount of heat to cure the fibreglass. The manufacturing processes include high pressure, high temperature and low-temperature curing techniques.

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