Best baby car seat poncho

Best baby car seat poncho will fit ages 12 months to 3 years. You can without much of a stretch change the measurements marginally to fit a baby or greater child by estimating from their neck to wrist and altering as needs be. Hell you could make one for yourself on the off chance that you feel so slanted. They are pretty darn charming!


I had an extreme time choosing texture for this little poncho, at the end of the day chose to run with a strong nonpartisan material texture in ‘Mushroom’, with a fun/vivid downy for the comfortable liner and emphasize hues. I preferred the possibility of the dominant part being an impartial shading, with a fun vivid wool print as the outskirt and hood. You could utilize anything however! You could even utilize two layers of wool to make it hotter, and tie the finishes like those ‘downy bunch covers’ to make a no-sew rendition!

The two textures I utilized for this car seat poncho. The blue texture is wool for the coating.


1 yard Formenti Linen texture in ‘Mushroom’

1 yard wool texture (in addition to 18″ x 18″ additional for the hood)

Sewing machine (I have this one)

String to coordinate your textures

Sewing scissors

Excessively charming tyke show


I begun by slicing my downy to a 36″ x 36″ square. Overlap down the middle twice… and afterward corner to corner, as so:

Step by step instructions to overlap the texture for your car seat poncho.

Utilizing your too sharp sewing scissors (that you NEVER let your children use to cut plastic milk cartons) slice through every one of the layers at a slight round bend.

Cutting the texture design for a wool lined car seat poncho.

UPDATE! A great deal of you were experiencing considerable difficulties realizing which edge to slice to make a circle, so I prepared this little video for you utilizing a bit of paper to illustrate!

Open that sucker up and you have a close immaculate circle! On the off chance that it is anything but an ideal circle, it’s alright. You’ll see why later!

When you cut the texture, you ought to have (near) an ideal circle.

Spread out your strong shading ‘cloth’ texture (subsequent to pressing if essential), and lay the downy hover on top. Cut around the edges so you have two indistinguishable measured circles.

utilize your downy hover as a guide and cut the cloth texture for the top layer of the poncho.

I expected to cut a gap for the head, however I needed to be extremely careful not to make it too enormous… on the grounds that that can’t be fixed! You can generally make an opening greater later, however littler?


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