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Buying a new mattress can be as important as buying a new car.

The mattress is where you retire into after the day’s work, incubate most of your promising thoughts and ideas, decide and ruminate over many of the steps you’ll ever take in life, and have your greatest and wildest dreams.

In addition, it’s a companion you’ll depend on for many years to decades. So, there’s much more to a mattress than most people think.

Another important fact worth knowing is that your mattress is one of those things that your health and quality of life hinge on. With Mattress Store Charlotte, you’ll enjoy sound sleep all the time, stay fit and healthy, maintain a good posture, and prevent bone and muscle pains that come with bad body alignment and sleeping positions.

With regards to level of firmness, mattresses range from the soft or plush types to the extra-firm types. In this guide, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about the extra-firm mattresses — their advantages and disadvantages, who should buy them, and things to consider when buying them.

We’ll also be looking at five of the best extra-firm mattresses available in the market at the moment and why we have picked them above others.


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