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The following Audio Technica AT2020 review details the various features, pros and cons of this particular usb microphone. I have used this usb mic numerous times for voice-over work on marketing videos I’ve made for my employer (I work in technology), so I have lots of first-hand experience. To find out more info on the Audio Technica AT 2020, visit this link:

Audio Technica AT2020 – Official Site

The Audio Technica is a fantastic, side-address condenser microphone. This usb microphone is far and away one of the best selling mics in its price category of around $100-$150. Moreover, it’s one of the most highly rated by consumers. It’s a solidly constructed microphone that is pretty much plug-and-play. It’s a great option for amateur and more advanced voice-over work – and it’s also a great way to upgrade your Skype or voice-over-the-internet calling experience.


Audio Technica AT2020 Review – What is it?
The Audio Technica AT2020 is a solidly built usb microphone that is both Mac and PC compatible. The mic has a real sturdy feel to it. It has a cardioid pick-up pattern, meaning it concentrates its audio recording in one direction the shape of a heart and filters out most of the sounds coming from other directions. This helps to isolate recording of the sound source facing the front of the microphone. It is meant for voice-over work, home-studio recording, pod-casting, and field recording. It comes with a low, stable, tripod stand with pivoting head and a convenient leather carrying case. The microphone has very low self-noise, meaning you will have less problems with “hiss” when turning up the recording sensitivity or gain of the microphone. This makes for clearer audio overall.

Audio Tecnica AT2020 Review – What I Liked
The Audio Technica AT 2020 regularly gets 4 and 5 star reviews from people who have bought it – and for good reason. For the price, this usb microphone is absolutely fantastic. I’ve used this mic for voice-over work on marketing videos and for various side projects with tremendous success. You really notice the difference between this mic and a standard headset mic, or the one built into your computer. The sound is rich and full and ambient noises are mostly filtered out. The construction feels very solid and I’ve never had any issue getting the mic to work on any computer. It’s very straight forward to use. Also, the tripod it comes with is stable and compact for transport.

Audio Technica AT2020 Review – What I Didn’t Like
The Audio Technica AT2020 does it’s job well, but is fairly simplistic in terms of higher end features. It does not come with a built in gain control, nor does it have a headphone jack for real-time monitoring. So, if you’re used to recording like they do on radio shows, where you can here what you’re saying in real-time, this could be an issue. I have also read a couple reviews saying that this may not be the best choice of microphone if you have a very high-pitched voice. A final complaint that I’ve seen is for the paint finish on the mic – many seem to have a few little black paint specks on them – mine included – though this is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect performance.

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