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Carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, but it’s not like cutting the grass either. What we do is different, not because we have a bigger or better ‘mower’ but because of the process we use and the steps we take. We’re not fast – we are thorough – because it’s the right thing to do and it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.


Our truck mounted equipment is just like the rest of them. But most other companies put the soap in the truck and when they squeeze the trigger on the wand – the soapy water hits your carpet and 2-3 seconds later, they pull the water out. On occasion they may pre-treat a spot here and there… but again – when they turn on that machine – they push the soapy water in and pull the water out in one move. They have no way to rinse – and the rinsing step is the key! Why? Because nothing is telling the soap to stop working. When they leave the soap behind, it cleans your feet, your shoes, the dog, etc… soap is a dirt magnet and what you end up with is a dirtier carpet in half the time. So what do you do? You call for another ‘cleaning’. These guys usually just want to do a better job than you can do.

What we do is use the high heat and pressure of the truck’s machine to “pre-treat” ALL of your carpet. We may go a bit heavier on the traffic areas and spots… but it ALL gets treated. Once that’s done, we let the soap work… (15-20 minutes) giving it the dwell time it needs to do its job. We then hook up the wand, turn on the rinsing agent and when we squeeze the trigger it neutralizes the soap and tells it to stop working. When WE remove the water – we take the soap and the dirt with us. Your carpet stays cleaner longer and we are your new best friends. New Braunfels Carpet Cleaning,  say they are the best. When we are finished – YOU will say we are the best. We won’t have to! What you get with us versus the franchise companies is consistency and quality. This is MY reputation. My honor. My word to you… Because it’s My business… and I want You to be pleased. When I go home at the end of the day, I want to know that I’ve done the best that can be done.

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