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Is the problem with your refrigerator that it’s freezing everything inside (like there are ice flakes flowing with the milk as you pour it on a cup of cereal?) If so, turn your eyes to the refrigerator’s thermostat because that’s usually the culprit with this kind of trouble. Now, don’t call the refrigerator repair shop at once for it’s possible that you can diagnose and treat the refrigerator without paying someone to do the job. Call help only when it’s really necessary. Here are the steps to make when troubleshooting the thermostat.

Step #1 – Check the thermostat dial. The source of the problem could be as easy as a family member having accidentally turned the dial to the highest temperature setting. If this is the case, you’re done and can enjoy normal operation again. If not, proceed to the next step.

Step #2 – Unplug your unit from the power source and then proceed to locating the ref’s control panel within which the thermostat sits. Clear the area around for trouble-free maneuvering.

Get to use a flashlight since it is may be dark in that spot of your unit. The thermostat is the biggest thing that you will see at the back of the dial.

Step #3 – Some refrigerators require that their dials be removed first to allow access to the thermostat itself. Check if this is needed and if yes, remove the dial. Once finished, proceed to uncovering the thermostat. It’s either the cover is screwed or it is attached to the thermostat with plastic clips. You will then see two wires which you have to gently pull from where they are connected in the thermostat.

Step #4 – It’s time to probe if the thermostat is still working. Set the dial to coldest. Next, with the use of a volt-ohm tester and using the wires as the terminals, probe hoping that it will give you an infinity reading. If it’s infinity, be happy because there’s possibility you’re not going to have it repaired or replaced. If it’s not infinity, prepare the money because you will have to call refrigerator repair service or remove the thermostat from its place and take it to a refrigerator repair shop.

Step #5 – Assuming that the reading is infinity, you proceed by removing the entire thermostat, turn the dial to the “warmest” setting and have the thermostat chilled for about 30 minutes. Place it inside a freezer that’s currently in use. When chilling time is over, it’s time to probe again. This time around, the reading should be zero.

If it’s zero, the conclusion is you should look somewhere else you can heave a sigh of relief. If it’s not zero, then the thermostat has failed the test and you will need an expert to do further examination praying that it isn’t yet the end of the road for you refrigerator unit.


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