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Fire Extinguisher Chart & Guide

You have responsibility for the provision of appropriate firefighting equipment. To help understand the different types of fire extinguishers available and what they can be used on, below we have provided a colour chart which shows the class and colour of each fire extinguisher.


Fire Extinguisher Colour Chart

Fire Classes
Class A: Fire involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.
Class B: Fire involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils.
Class C: Fire involving gases.
Class D: Fire involving metals.
Class F: Fire involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers.

Classes Explained

Class A

Class A fires involve solid materials, usually of organic matter such as wood, paper etc. They can be dealt with using water, foam or multi-purpose powder extinguishers, with water and foam considered the most suitable.

Class B

Class B fire involves liquids or liquefiable solids such as paint, oils or fats. It would be appropriate to provide extinguishers of foam (including multi-purpose aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) carbon dioxide or dry powder types. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are also suitable for a fire involving electrical equipment.

The fire extinguishers currently available for dealing with Class A or B fire should not be used on cooking oil or fat fires.

Class C

Dry powder fire extinguishers may be used on Class C fires. However, you need to consider the circumstances of there use and combine this with action such as stopping the leak, to remove the risk of a subsequent explosion from the build-up of unburnt gas.

Class D

None of the extinguishers referred to above will deal effectively with a Class D fire as these involve metals such as aluminium, magnesium, sodium or potassium. Only fully trained personnel using our specialist powder fire extinguishers such as the L2 and M28 should tackle such fires.

Class F

Specials fire extinguishers are available for use on cooking fats and oils, e.g. chip pan and deep fat fryers.

Resource: CarLifeGuru

Why Choose All About It Ink In Spokane

The Best Tattoos In Spokane High-Quality Friendly Service

Welcome to Tattoos at All About It Ink Spokane Tattoo all about ink experts, we hope this article is useful in your search for a quality tattoo you always wanted. At Tattoo all about it ink we have one goal, to do the best work possible. We are not here to intimidate you, talk you into something you don’t want, or impress you with how many designs we have hanging on the wall. We focus on helping you create your own design, rather than rushing you to pick out one that hundreds of other people already have.

Our Tattooing Is An Art We Take Seriously

 Related image

At Tattoo All About It Ink, we believe that it takes time to create a quality tattoo that you can be proud of. You’ll never feel like we’re rushing through your tattoo or piercing to get to the next one. The pride and effort put into your work will be obvious when you walk through the door. We strive for excellence on each work of art.

Several of our competitors also have websites, and we urge you to check them out and compare. We are confident that after you see their work, you’ll also see the difference in the level of ability and commitment. Tattoo studios are not all equal, and that will be obvious the moment you walk into Tattoo All About It Ink In Spokane. This is also true of tattoo artists, just because a person works in a studio does not mean they know what they are doing. Even if they claim to have been tattooing for 20 years does not mean they are talented.

Not All Tattoo Artists Are Equal

We spend a lot of time repairing the mistakes of others, so please take time in choosing your studio, your artists, and your design.

We get booked very quickly, so we recommend that you make an appointment. To make an appointment, call the shop between noon and 8pm. We DO NOT book appointments through email.

Good mobile car detailing Knoxville

Mobile car detailing Knoxville is focused on providing exceptional quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With over 8 years in the automotive trade as a panel technician with a franchise in the Knoxville, we are more than capable of looking after your vehicle. We have been strictly taught to have an eye for detail.


Car enthusiasts often get the desire to fix their cars and make them stand out, and one way of doing this is through car detailed paintings. The latter involves painting your car with unique designs that will distinguish it from other cars, appreciate something or someone you love or also reveal something about your personality.


The first step to take when seeking to paint your car is conducting some research; this will give you the best ideas that include flames, cool colors, stormy weather and so on. Some of the best places to research include car magazines, the internet, movies that involve cars, forums for car enthusiasts and so on. You should have factors such as the type of car you own, your taste and preferences, your budget in mind as you conduct your research.

Find hardwood floor installation Charlotte NC

Congratulations if you’ve decided to commit to the elegance and strength of hardwood for your flooring requirements. Hardwood floor installation Charlotte NC will increase the value of your home or work space, and enhance any colors or décor that you may choose. You’ll find that the use of wood in any space can transform an otherwise drab four walls into a memorable showplace. It’s an excellent backdrop for lifestyles, from formal to beachfront casual.

This guide contains information that you’ll use from start to finish in the wood floor buying process. What you’ll learn about brands, colors and hardwood floor installation methods will boost your confidence and help you avoid mistakes when making the final purchase.


Know What You’re Getting for the Money

There are many excellent brands available that will perform to the highest standard. You can be assured that today’s top hardwood manufacturers “think green” and only buy from reputable wood mills that practice environmental responsibility.

The following are just some of the flooring brands that have built up a solid reputation for providing quality flooring products to the global marketplace and are therefore worthy of your further consideration.

It is not a complete list by far, but it is a good starting point to compare price ranges, that fit your budget, as well as style and color options that will give you just the look you want.

Exotic woods such as Ash, Beech, and Brazilian Cherry can range from $5.75 to over $8.00 per pre-finished square foot. At the lower end of the scale, you can purchase a non-exotic wood, such as oak, where deals can be had for under $3.00 per square foot.

As you can see, wood floor covering prices can vary considerably. Some of these woods are similar in color and look, so you must search deeper for the reasons behind the extensive price ranges.

Call appliance repair in Racine, Wisconsin to fix dishwasher

In this article appliance repair in Racine, Wisconsin will discuss the most common things you should check if you have a dishwasher not filling with water.

Dishwashers today use very little water in the wash cycle. In fact on some brands, if you open the door while it is washing you will see very little water in the base of the tub. You may start to wonder if that’s even enough water to wash dishes.


But if you have a dishwasher not filling with water there are some basic items you can check before you call in a serviceman for help. The first thing you should check is to verify that the water supply to the dishwasher has not been turned off. If someone was under the sink servicing the garbage disposal or the plumbing to the sink, it is possible that the valve on the plumbing supply line to the dishwasher has been turned off.

If the water supply is not turned off in the next thing you would want to check and see if your particular model dishwasher has a float in it. A lot of dishwashers have a float that look like a spaceship from outer space located in the base under the lower rack. This float acts as a bobber moving up and down. Normally it keeps pressure on a switch located underneath the dishwasher tub so that the contacts in the switch stay closed. If debris is on the shaft of this float it can get hung up. If that happens it will not go down far enough to allow the switch to supply electricity to the water fill valve on the dishwasher. Most of the time you can pull the float up and look around to see if it has gunk on it. If it does usually all you need to do is wash it out in the kitchen sink and reinstall it in the dishwasher.

If the float looks clean you need to verify that the switch located below it is functioning properly. You can do this by lifting the float up and down listening for the click of the switch. If that seems to be functioning properly, the easiest thing to do next is to check for voltage to the dishwasher fill valve.

Dishwasher fill valves normally operate on 120 Volts AC but as dishwasher manufacturers change the way they do things it is possible that the coil voltage for your dishwasher fill valve might be lower. You will need to refer to the schematic and documentation for your specific model. Once you have your voltmeter in position you can use alligator clips to attach the leads from the voltmeter to the spade terminals on the valve. All you need to do is slide the connector out slightly so that you can connect the alligator clips making sure they do not touch anything or each other. Now turn the dishwasher on and check for voltage at the valve. It is not unusual for a dishwasher to start out in pump out for some time before the control sends voltage to the fill valve, so be patient. If you have the correct voltage at the valve then turn off the electricity to the dishwasher and check the water supply.

The best way to check the water supply is the first turn it off at the source usually located under the sink and remove the line that’s attached to the dishwasher fill valve. Next use a bucket or pan and if you have an assistant have them turn the water on under the sink while you watch for water coming out of the supply line. If the supply line is clear with no problems, and the valve is not restricted at the water supply connection point, then most likely you have a defective water valve.

Best baby car seat poncho

Best baby car seat poncho will fit ages 12 months to 3 years. You can without much of a stretch change the measurements marginally to fit a baby or greater child by estimating from their neck to wrist and altering as needs be. Hell you could make one for yourself on the off chance that you feel so slanted. They are pretty darn charming!


I had an extreme time choosing texture for this little poncho, at the end of the day chose to run with a strong nonpartisan material texture in ‘Mushroom’, with a fun/vivid downy for the comfortable liner and emphasize hues. I preferred the possibility of the dominant part being an impartial shading, with a fun vivid wool print as the outskirt and hood. You could utilize anything however! You could even utilize two layers of wool to make it hotter, and tie the finishes like those ‘downy bunch covers’ to make a no-sew rendition!

The two textures I utilized for this car seat poncho. The blue texture is wool for the coating.


1 yard Formenti Linen texture in ‘Mushroom’

1 yard wool texture (in addition to 18″ x 18″ additional for the hood)

Sewing machine (I have this one)

String to coordinate your textures

Sewing scissors

Excessively charming tyke show


I begun by slicing my downy to a 36″ x 36″ square. Overlap down the middle twice… and afterward corner to corner, as so:

Step by step instructions to overlap the texture for your car seat poncho.

Utilizing your too sharp sewing scissors (that you NEVER let your children use to cut plastic milk cartons) slice through every one of the layers at a slight round bend.

Cutting the texture design for a wool lined car seat poncho.

UPDATE! A great deal of you were experiencing considerable difficulties realizing which edge to slice to make a circle, so I prepared this little video for you utilizing a bit of paper to illustrate!

Open that sucker up and you have a close immaculate circle! On the off chance that it is anything but an ideal circle, it’s alright. You’ll see why later!

When you cut the texture, you ought to have (near) an ideal circle.

Spread out your strong shading ‘cloth’ texture (subsequent to pressing if essential), and lay the downy hover on top. Cut around the edges so you have two indistinguishable measured circles.

utilize your downy hover as a guide and cut the cloth texture for the top layer of the poncho.

I expected to cut a gap for the head, however I needed to be extremely careful not to make it too enormous… on the grounds that that can’t be fixed! You can generally make an opening greater later, however littler?


Good carport builders Melbourne

Types of Metal carports

There are different types of Metal carports depending upon the shape

Regular Roof Carports:

These carports have a capacity to have 1 – 3 cars. One can customize the metal frame structure depending upon your requirement. You can select the metal carport from the various available options from the supplier’s catalogue on their website or at their workshop.



A – Frame Roof Carports

These types of carports are made of steel and are particularly useful in areas where there is less snow and rains. Boxed-eave roof style carports are well-designed; you can select the desired one from the catalogue

Metal Carport Kits

VerticalRoof Carports

These metal carport are best suitable in regions where there are heavy rains and snow. Each Vertical Roof Carport is prefabricated. You can customize the Vertical Roof Carports to have the number of cars

Utility carports: A single car carport will have a size of 12’ to 10’ in width. These carports can be customized depending upon your weather condition. Companies offer a range of utility carports to select from.

Whatever type of carport you use, make sure that the carport is installed correctly and is able to withstand the wind blow. It should alsobe able to hold the snow which gets built-up on the roof top. Incase you are developing permanent carport; make sure that the metal frame is installed in the ground with cement. You have wide range of option to select the metal carport to meet your requirement. Valance style carports are the best as it allows easy parking and

Enclosed styles better protection. Just use the best quality material and professional advice while assembling and installing your metal carport and enjoy the benefits for long term.

More info: Carport builders Melbourne

Refrigerator repair with Dallas Appliance Repair

Do you have a noisy refrigerator that is keeping you up at night? Believe it or not some refrigerators are so noisy they can be heard all the way across the house. Especially for those with sensitive hearing.

In the last 25 years the noise level associated with refrigerators and freezers has increased dramatically. Most of that noise increase has to do with the type of insulation that is used in refrigerators and freezers today. The insulation that was used in refrigerators and freezers in the past had more sound absorbing qualities. The foam used today has better insulating qualities for the buck but lack any sound absorbing qualities. I know this from personal experience. Two years ago I purchased a new automatic defrost upright freezer. And I have to tell you that it is one of the noisiest freezers I have ever encountered. And worst of all, it’s right there in my kitchen.


I decided to troubleshoot this noisy freezer myself to find out if there was anything I could do to reduce the sound level. After I analyzed the noise with my fading hearing, I came to the conclusion that what I was listening to was normal compressor noise and normal evaporator fan noise. I figured that if I contacted the store where I bought it and demanded a new freezer, they would simply send out another one that was identical. I discovered that most of the noise was coming from the evaporator fan motor and the amount of air it was forced to move around in this large freezer. I concluded that there was not much I could do about it. I decided that when I sell the house I am selling this freezer along with it and purchasing a manual defrost freezer for my new home. Manual defrost freezers do not have evaporator fans. Besides food last longer in a manual defrost freezer. By the way not all modern day refrigerators and freezers have noise that you have to live with. In fact, I have an LG refrigerator not far from the noisy freezer in my kitchen that is so quiet sometimes I cannot even tell if it is running.

So if your refrigerator or freezer has been in place for a while and suddenly it starts to make noise, what can that be?

The first thing you should do is narrow down where the sound is coming from. Is it coming from the inside or the outside of the refrigerator or freezer? If it is coming from the outside down near the bottom you can pull the refrigerator out, remove the cover to the machine compartment to see if something is hitting the condenser fan blade. Occasionally refrigerators will suck in something off the floor and try to force it through the evaporator. Sometimes the debris will get stuck and the condenser fan blade will hit it causing noise. If there is no obstruction around the condenser fan blade and the condenser fan motor is not noisy, listen to the compressor. If your compressor is suddenly and unexpectedly noisy, you better start looking for a place to store your food. Refrigerator or freezer compressors that suddenly get noisy are destine to fail quickly. The cost of replacing a compressor today is sometimes one half to one third the cost of a replacement refrigerator or freezer. So it usually makes more sense to replace the refrigerator or freezer with a new one with the help of Dallas Appliance Repair.

Yoga Classes That Are Fun And Exciting

How to Choose a Good Yoga Teacher On The Northern Beaches

When you are looking for a Northern Beaches yoga teacher you need to understand that there are no national or international programs that certify yoga teachers and there probably never will because of the nature of the instruction of passing it down from teacher to student for thousands of years. Even though there are no strict legislative requirements set down for instructors, does not mean that there is no guidelines you should follow to find a good one. Here you will find what some believe are the minimum requirements for a competent instructor.

Image result for yoga

Must practice yoga exercise, breathing and meditation daily – You can’t take a teacher seriously if they themselves do not have a sound foundation and is committed to yoga on a daily basis.

Should have regular contact with their own teacher – No good teacher can ever work effectively on their own, nor no one teacher can become so advanced that they do not need the continual guidance and support from their own teacher.

They should study the important yoga texts – Study is one of the special five observances that are part of the eight limbs of the yoga practice. A good teacher needs to have some knowledge that includes Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita. This is the minimum, ideally, they should have knowledge in all world philosophies.

Ethical behavior – A good teacher is going to be well versed in the five Yamas which means the five restraints that include non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, times of celibacy and non-hoarding. They also need to practice the five niyamas which means observances such as purity, contentment, tolerance, study and the first two limbs of classical yoga. When a teacher practices this type of procedure the student is protected especially during a personal experience in a meditation state. You will find that an ethical yoga instructor will conduct class in a safe, aware and responsible manner and makes sure that classes are not too large so students can receive individual attention from the instructor.

Observe a healthy vegetarian diet – Of course you don’t need to be a vegetarian to practice yoga, a yoga instructor should conform to different standards than the student. They also should not smoke, drink alcohol or take any kind of drugs.

Training in basis anatomy and the effects of yoga techniques – A good yoga instructor should be trained enough to be able to vary the yoga techniques for each student according to their own personal abilities and they also should be trained well enough to advise their students when it comes to the more common medical conditions like high blood pressure, back problems and arthritis. They also should be trained well enough to notice when a student might need psychological counseling and have knowledge of the community services in the area.

Have the ability to separate yoga from religion – Remember, yoga is not a religion and it even predates Hinduism as well as many other well-known religions. Yoga is a practice of techniques that are non-religious, trans-cultural practices and these practices help people develop greater self-awareness. It doesn’t require that students stick to a particular creed or belief or that they obey any prophet or god. It also is not ritualistic nor is it an occult and the texts of yoga are not scripture but guidelines on how to practice yoga safely. So, a good teacher should never allow their religious beliefs intertwined with the practice of yoga.

These are the key things that you need to look for when you are trying to find a good yoga teacher. It will take time to research all of this, but in the end it will be well worth your time and effort.

Video Conferencing Helping Sydney Businesses

Video Conferencing Saves Your Business Time & Money


We are your best source for information. The site has one of the largest resource guides available for e-learning on the Internet. Save valuable time and come out on top when you use meetings. Our mission is to be a leading provider of software and business that allow individuals to succeed on the Internet. The year is half over already, and that means its time for video conference or webcasting. You will find detailed information on web conferencing and where to find the best deals online.

” These links will help you find business or meetings the first time. The software is a highly sought after item, and we have it available today! Webcasting, solutions that make your life better. The video conference will put a smile on your face. Learn how to use search engines when you do your research on web conferencing.

Image result for video conference equipment
We have the best new merchandise and business, just give us a try! Shop for a wide selection of software or conferencing and experience our very low prices. Internet fraud is year round so be careful when you order webcasting online. Once-in-a-lifetime savings hurry and find out details by clicking. Feel free to browse our database for video conference or send us an e-mail with any questions you may have. Settle for nothing less than the best, with web conferencing. Something special is everywhere; just let your fingers do the clicking.



There are many ways to buy a conferencing, including online stores, online auctions and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The bottom line is that we are still on the ground floor of this ever-expanding resource guide. Important information that everyone should know before they buy conferencing or conferencing. We’re keeping the updated deals 24 hours a day. We have many product lines dedicated to everything from conferencing to conferencing. .

Video conferencing

Here are reviews of a variety of video conferencing, and links to where you can find them. Check out the categories above for the latest video conferencing and the top choices in each category. We utilize the best technology to make sure that you find the information you are looking for on video conferencing. We are dedicated to providing value and a solid online purchasing experience when shopping for conferencing or video conferencing. With video conferencing you know your getting something extra. .

Web conferencing

Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the Internet has made purchasing conferencing easy and convenient. Web conferencing, for lovers of fine quality everywhere and only available through this information guide. Rise above the rest with web conferencing. Make your dollar stretch further than you ever thought possible with web conferencing. Online shopping saves time and money! Click here for the best bargains on conferencing. .