EVA Foam Sheets For Unique Crafts

Have you been searching for an accessory that makes it easier to create some really cool pieces? With the EVA Foam Sheet Collection you will have just the thing for you. This product is extremely easy to use and make your own customized sheeting to fit any need. This product comes in a complete set of eight sheets sized 9×12″.

EVA Foam Basics

The EVA sheets are manufactured using polyester that is durable and lightweight. They do not require any sewing or cutting and they have been approved by the FDA. You are able to use any fabric and you will not have any issues with stretch marks. These sheets will last for many years if you follow proper storage techniques. The foam is completely dry and odor free and they can be reused over again. The foam will not change color even if it is exposed to moisture for a long period of time.

It is possible to make any type of project unique by having a custom made sheet produced to your specifications. This material can be used for all types of crafts and can be made for a variety of projects from quilting to making a baby carrier. Whether it is for home use or for the military or other organization, you will find the EVA foam sheet collection is the ideal choice for every project.

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