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Finding A Great Local Psychologist On The Northern Beaches


If you are going through a hard time you may want to find a psychologist for help. Mental health disorders are a serious problem with new government assistance announced with an increase of 10 sessions per year to 42 sessions per year it has now become more affordable to see a psychologist regularly. Little Steps Psychology is a practice on the Northern Beaches Sydney that is dedicated to helping those in need.

Treating a wide range of issues from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, phobias, marriage counseling, child mental health help. Little Steps is an all-around place you can whatever your problem may be. The psychologist at Little Steps are highly trained and fun. Their approach is based of Carl Rogers and they practice psychology with a human touch. You will not feel as though you are being dictated to but rather the psychologist is in your corner and there to help guide you to the answers to your problems.

Little Steps Anxiety Help

If you are suffering from anxiety Little Steps is the go-to place on the Northern Beaches For You!  From the moment you make your first appointment, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. With highly skilled staff it is their job to help you relax. All psychologists at Little Steps have had a high level of training in helping those with anxiety disorders. On the Northern Beaches is it estimated that 1 in four people every year will suffer from an anxiety disorder that will require either medication or intervention from a psychologist.

If you’re on the Northern Beaches and suffering give Little Steps Psychology a call

What Makes Little Steps Psychology Different

Little Steps Psychology prides itself on being different. With a warm friendly approach to counseling and a none blame point of view. From the moment you walk into the clinic, you will feel at ease and feel that you belong. It is not unusual to be thrilled with the therapy you will receive. Our psychologists are all clinical psychologists with a masters degree in psychology. Meaning they have up to an extra 5 years training than regular psychologists. The extra training allows for a higher Medicare rebate and allows you peace of mind that you have a therapist that knows what they are doing.

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