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Types of Metal carports

There are different types of Metal carports depending upon the shape

Regular Roof Carports:

These carports have a capacity to have 1 – 3 cars. One can customize the metal frame structure depending upon your requirement. You can select the metal carport from the various available options from the supplier’s catalogue on their website or at their workshop.



A – Frame Roof Carports

These types of carports are made of steel and are particularly useful in areas where there is less snow and rains. Boxed-eave roof style carports are well-designed; you can select the desired one from the catalogue

Metal Carport Kits

VerticalRoof Carports

These metal carport are best suitable in regions where there are heavy rains and snow. Each Vertical Roof Carport is prefabricated. You can customize the Vertical Roof Carports to have the number of cars

Utility carports: A single car carport will have a size of 12’ to 10’ in width. These carports can be customized depending upon your weather condition. Companies offer a range of utility carports to select from.

Whatever type of carport you use, make sure that the carport is installed correctly and is able to withstand the wind blow. It should alsobe able to hold the snow which gets built-up on the roof top. Incase you are developing permanent carport; make sure that the metal frame is installed in the ground with cement. You have wide range of option to select the metal carport to meet your requirement. Valance style carports are the best as it allows easy parking and

Enclosed styles better protection. Just use the best quality material and professional advice while assembling and installing your metal carport and enjoy the benefits for long term.

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