SEO OPtimization For On Page Results In Bangkok

  • Add Relevant Meta Description For SEO:

Meta description gets a display in SERP whenever your site appears in search results. So you can’t ignore its importance. An eye-catchy Meta description can enhance your CTR. The best SEO firm in Bangkok for digital marketing agency Bangkok. The meta description should be relevant to the services or products your business offers. Each page should contain unique Meta tags. Make proper utilization of keywords within the Meta description of your website. Research states that if your Meta description contains those terms which your visitors might be using then it is easy to gain the trust of your visitors. Try to write your Meta description within 160 characters. In order to stand out of the competition, you need to do something unique. You can grasp the visitor’s attention by highlighting the benefits your visitors will be getting if they avail your services or products. Use this small piece of text as your powerful marketing tool. Include your selling points within your description. If you did not get the opportunity to include your phone number within your title tag then you can include your number within your description. This will help the visitors to directly contact you rather than going through all the details of your website.
  • Add Header Tags For SEO:

Make proper utilization of h1, h2 and h3 tags. Search engines give special importance to the text within your h1 tags. So you can include your page title within your h1 tag. Don’t forget to include your targeted keywords within your header tags. You can use h2 or h3 tags for the subheadings. Header tags make your content more organized and user-friendly.
  • Add Optimized Content SEO:
Content is considered to be the king. So you need to add high-quality content on your website. You need to optimize your content so that it can meet the requirement of both search engines and your targeted visitors. Make proper use of keywords within your content but make sure it doesn’t hurt the natural flow of your content. Keyword stuffing makes your content spammy and unreadable which in turn can drive away audience from your website. You can utilize synonyms to maintain the balance. Google hates keyword stuffing and to stop this practice they are taking necessary steps. If you want your website to rank high in SERP then always have moderate keyword density i.e. not more than 2%.
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