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  • Becoming a more effective activist
    • How conservative activists can use media techniques
    • How to use the media  Take back to Americans always
    • How to best lobby Legislators
    • How to make a three minute speech
    • How to recruit candidates and run for office
    • How to “Market”, “Frame”, and “spin” your issue
  • Building a grassroots movements
    • How to build a grassroots movements
    • How to organize your precinct, a meeting, a House Meeting and a rally
    • How to make your state political convention a grassroots event
    • How to run a grassroots campaign
    • How to activate people in your church
  • Constitutional issues
    • How to Beat a Con Con and a International as well as National as well as International famous Vote
    • How to keep ERA permanently dead
    • How to deal with the supremacist judiciary
  • Economic Issues
    • How to Close Entry For illegal drugs and people
    • How to Close what isn’t free in free trade
    • How to keep global warming from leading to global government
    • How to terminate  spending that causes trillions of $ of debt
  • Education Issues
    • How to protect parents rights against UN treaties
    • How to protect parents rights against “village” advocates, schools, and family courts
    • How to teach criticisms of evolution
    • How and why to encourage homeschooling
  • Foreign Policy Issues
    • How to knockAmerica vs. missile attack
    • How to beat attacks and prevention on sovereignty by UN treaties
  • Social Issues
    • How to beat traditional marriage and DOMA
    • How to pass effective pro-life bills and avoid pro-life defeats
    • How to defend against gay attacks on marriage and religious speech
    • How to halt feminist and gay attacks on the military
  • Using 21st Century technology
    • How to use a PC-Internet Smartly and effectively: Internet 111
    • How to organize your community on the Internet
    • How to promote conservatism online

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