Pest Control Tips For Your Charlotte NC Home

Another common form of termite baits are powder products that can be made from a powdered mix of sand and mud. They can then be poured into cracks and crevices and are typically effective around late spring and summer months. Contact proforce pest control experts in Charlotte NC

There are two main types of baits: mechanical and organic. Mechanical bait consists of an electric drill, which can be either static or moving. It is placed at the base of the structure where termites feed on wood. If the termites are found in this particular area, this method of termite control is not as effective as chemical baits, but it will make sure to cover as much ground as possible.

Organic termite baits contain some plant residue like alfalfa hay, wood chips, or sawdust. When the termite bait is put into cracks and crevices, it attracts the insects to the material, making them less likely to wander too far. and more likely to fall in and feed.

The best way to find out how termite baits work is to see how they work themselves. You can check with a reputable Charlotte NC pest control company and get the termite bait treatment done, or buy it online or elsewhere. and see if it works on a sample of your own home.

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