Teepee Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Party Ideas For Children 3-12 Years Old

Kids Party House Teepee Birthday Hire,  Thank you for taking a quick break from your overwhelming day to take a look at our party teepee kids ideas. We hope that our site makes your role as a Super Mom, a little easier. In 2019, taking the cue from some of my friends and reaching back to find something I knew and could share, we developed our first website, Kispartyhouse.com.au. Within the pages of the site, you will find some of the most unusual ideas for Teepee Birthday Parties for kids that the web has to offer in Australia. With the success of Kids Party House, we felt the desire to expand our business to include a website where people like you can find all the information necessary to throw fabulous children ’s teepee birthday parties. In 2019, we added Halloween and dress-ups to the site, featuring costumes for Halloween and Dress up.

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Our tents can be fully customized to suite any birthday party theme from Dora the explorer to dinosaurs, all we need is a few weeks heads up and we can adjust and create any teepee theme you and your child wants at their birthday party.

Kids Party House Teepee Parties A Growing Business

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Twenty years ago, I was the owner of a different kids party business, Sydney based Kreative Kids and Parties, Inc. where I taught music and imagination classes to local children ages two through five. I also created a music and imagination class that I performed at children’s birthday parties. Kids and their moms still run up to me on the street and tell me I sang at their parties or at their children’s parties! From those parties came a personalized entertainment service selecting and contracting over fifty entertainers for parties. Several years later, I opened a complete party goods store providing the party goods and goody bags for children’s parties and favors and centerpieces for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other parties. Though on its third owner, Kids Party House is still a prominent business in Sydney northern & Eastern Suburbs. I want to share all that I learned about throwing a great kid’s teepee party with all of my new Internet customers.

My goal is to make throwing a great party as easy and stress-free as possible. Just choose a desired theme and I’ll do the rest. Let me be your personal shopper and I’ll search the web for the best and most interesting products available and share my finds with you by theme. You just need to select the items that you want. It’s that easy! Make sure to check all interesting articles, craft and activity ideas, and tips and tricks to transform a good party into a fantastic one. On this website, I have added some comments to personalize your experience and lots of information to make your experience a great one. There are many “Checklists” to keep you on target and links to articles and tools to help even the most organized party hostess. I hope you use this site as a tool to create unforgettable birthday parties for your adorable children – ones that are I am sure you’ll remember! Bookmark it and come back often, that’s why I developed it!

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